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Gather at the Park was a fun project that is jam-packed with graphical meaning.

Can summer really be almost over? Every year time goes by faster and faster; but with each new season, comes new opportunities.

This summer I had the opportunity to take part in an exciting new church event put together by Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, NH. I was responsible for creating graphics for their “Church in the Park” gatherings that took place once each month from June until August. This included creating the event logo, handouts, stake signs and web banners for Facebook, Twitter, and the website homepage.

After thoroughly brainstorming through the goals and reason behind these events, this project moved right along. I started with a simple name altering to add value and depth to the logo and event. Meaning is my favorite part about design. Notice the slight change in name from “Church in the Park” to “Gather at the Park”. Can you see any further meaning in the event logo?

Gather at the Park

Here’s the meaning behind Gather at the Park


Significance in name change:

  1. The letters in Gather at the Park allowed for the added graphical “A” concept, bringing the Trinity Baptist’s Churches steeple in the design.
  2. The term “GATHER” in Gather at the Park is more inviting to the public than “CHURCH” and unites the group.
  3. Church at the Park has a very approachable, casual and inviting feel.

Design symbolism and meaning:

  1. The arrows go from TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH to CONCORD, NH since the goal is to reach out the community.
  2. The logo includes who we are and where we are located. This is a great way to bring connection to the new community in attendance.
  3. The circle represents unity. The church working/gathering as a whole.


Did you catch all that? ;)

Gather at the Park Stake SignGather At the Park Handout

When meaning and design work together, a powerful and purposeful result occurs—a great asset to a solid logo. I completed the look by adding in the Trinity logo colors.

Want meaning and value behind your logo? Hire me.


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