How to Achieve the WOW Factor

Have you achieved the WOW Factor? Are you impressing your audience? Every year there are more and more new small businesses that start-up.  According to approximately 543,000 new businesses start each month; plus there are almost 28 million small businesses total in the US. Whoa, that’s a lot of businesses! Chances that you have more than a hand full of competitors is very high. So how do all these small businesses survive the competition?

They most likely have achieved the WOW Factor, which is proven to get your business in the lead. In this saturated market, it’s vital that you go above and beyond your customer’s expectations and offer an exceptional product and service experience. From introductions to follow-ups, your interaction with your customer/client base can make or break a WOW Factor. There are two main components that work together to achieve a WOW Factor experience.

Design with Trust Achieves the WOW Factor

Graphic Design encourages and reassures customers that they have found trust.

Firstly, A great WOW is overflowing with truth. Truth, sadly, is hard to find and fervently sought after in today’s business consumer relationship. However, lucky for us it gives us small businesses an advantage. Since people want to do business with companies they can trust, we can work to gain that trust. Communication and design are vital when trying to build trust. Businesses excelling in preparation, knowledge, and professionalism cultivate trust, but if these traits aren’t communicated to the customers, accessible trust is lost.

(In comes your hero) A graphic designer brings customer awareness to your business’s trust characteristics through print and web outlets. Customers learn a lot about your company from the first time they land on your site or place eyes on your brochure. Once businesses grab attention through print and web, they can immediately start building consumer trust through company content. Whether online or on paper graphic designers can make deep, stunning connections with your audience. They help achieve the WOW Factor! The designer you hire should know how to take your brand and implement it widely and clearly to capture the trust of your followers. In contrast, bad design or lack there of results in mixed feelings and ideas which may lose trust or never capture it to begin with.

Design with Value Achieves the WOW Factor

Graphic Design adds meaningful value – it’s an instant WOW!

Secondly, A great WOW is topped off with perceivable worth. Value is strong when experienced first hand, but even stronger when spread by word-of-mouth. Value can be determined from your attention to detail to professional conduct. Potential customers want to see value and be valued. They want an invaluable leader they can follow. Fear and apprehension about your company will likely wash away once you’ve establish consumable value.

Web and print are great tools to easily add value and exceed customer expectation. From small touches of personalized, meaningful letters to creative mailed packages and bonus goodies, businesses can boost customer satisfaction and build a valuable relationship. These small gestures elevate the impact on your customer experience causing them to fall “in love” with your company. Exceptional customer support, birthday discounts, and superior product quality are merely just groundwork for a WOW experience. You must have design. The greater the value experience, the greater the WOW Factor.


In conclusion, trust starts with that first impression, and value builds that impression. Although functionality and good content are a must, both of these will impact your audience further with good design. Creating a WOW experience produces lasting rewards and in best case, customer loyalty. Utilize design to your advantage to evoke positive feelings of trust and to build strong exchanges of value with your customers.

What are some WOW factors you’ve experienced?



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