A graphic design career can be hard work but also very rewarding. I may be biased, but I would go even further to say that we have the best job. While we may not be saving lives, we are basically saving entire businesses from failure. Because of this, we help keep the economic world spinning.

Recently, I was interviewed by DoYourCareer.com, a career exploration site for students in high school and college. As I was answering these important questions, it brought to mind how important it is to start with a great foundation. Since there are many ways to achieve this, I can’t say mine was the best, but I can say that focus, ambition, and accomplishment will get you far if you don’t wait until after college to really hone in to what career you want to pursue. Take it seriously and do the research to find the career path that best fits your skill sets and interests. You may find that it’s your DREAM job.

Here is my advice and insight as a professional graphic designer for really anyone interested in a graphic design career. You can also read it here.

How many years have you been working in your graphic design career?

7 years

Describe what you do.

I am the creative owner and freelancer at kaykelso.com. As a professional designer, I communicate visions through design innovation and proven marketing techniques. I specialize in helping non-profit organizations, starter businesses, and blogs succeed with beautiful print and web media and unique company branding. I turn client ideas into final printed or digital products such as logos, brochures, DVD wraps, websites, emails, etc

Describe how you do it.

My process starts when a client comes to me with a communication need. From there I research, sketch and design in Adobe Creative Cloud until the final outcome satisfies that client’s needs. For example, a new business needs a logo that represents them in a meaningful way yet is approachable for their audience. I gather information from that business, research their audience and competitors, and then through brainstorming and design application present that business with a final logo that meets their expectations.

Describe why you do it.

I believe everyone needs and can achieve an attractive, professionally branded business. Whether they’re starting a business or needing a brand refresh, I’m committed to bringing a valuable design experience to individuals, start-ups, and businesses no matter how big or small, through custom and unique print and web design. This career allows me to help businesses succeed in the fast-growing entrepreneurial market.

What was the first step you took to become what you are now?

The first step in pursuit of this career was a college education. I earned my bachelor degree in Visual Communications with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in Marketing. This gave me the basic knowledge, experience, and connections to set me up in the design industry.

What do you wish you would have had more of in school?

More classes on print and web design would have been valuable to help me start my career.

How has pursuing this graphic design career altered your lifestyle?

I have the freedom to be a stay-at-home mom and still pursue my freelance business.

What have been the most valuable things that make you love what you do?

Seeing how my clients businesses have succeeded, and the impact my design has on the lives of others is fulfilling and rewarding. It makes the job well worth it.


If you have any questions about a graphic design career that I didn’t mention above, let’s connect!

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