Celebrating 500 Years: Reformation Logo


This logo was created for a blog post and email campaign. I specifically paired a modern typeface with a bold typeface similar to what was used on the Gutenberg Press invented preceding the Reformation. I emphasized its history while adding an element of timeless appeal. [The invention of the press played a huge role in advancing the reformation movement. It allowed for the circulation of the 95 theses and paved the way for wide distribution of Bibles spreading the truth of Sola Fide: Faith alone! Until then, typically only the Catholic clergy and wealthy had access to the Bible.]

Gather at the Park Logo

Gather at the Park Logo

I was responsible for creating graphics for Trinity Baptist Church’s Gather at the Park events that took place once each month this from June-August. This included event logo, handout, stake sign and web banners for Facebook, Twitter and website homepage.


The Garfield Inn Website

The Garfield Inn is located three blocks from the sandy shores of Lake Huron in the heart of Port Austin. Part of Michigan’s Circle Tour, The Inn is less than three hours drive from Detroit, at the tip of Michigan’s thumb. Styled in 1830s French Second Empire, The Inn features six rooms for lodging in an 1800’s country inn format. Come enjoy your stay at The Garfield! View full project post.

Elevate Logo

Elevate Logo

Elevate the gospel in every day living until we have the intensity of focus that Paul had.

I Cor. 15:3-4 (Gospel of FIRST importance)
Phil 3:13 (This ONE thing I do)

Unshakable Faith Logo

Unshakable Faith Logo

Explore the foundations of science, religion, and truth with Kevin, Eric, and a host of other world-class teachers in this 4-Course curriculum – Unshakable: A Practical Guide to Confident Christianity

God’s Glory: A Journey of Discovery DVD

God's Glory DVD

What shook Eric’s faith to the very core making him question everything he believed—even whether he really knew the God of the Bible? This intimate, personal message by Eric Hovind takes you on a journey into the reality of God Himself. Eric’s most requested message at live events, God’s Glory! has been used to propel many to take an honest look at what they believe about God. Eric invites you to take your first step, or your next step in discovering that EVERYTHING happens for God’s Glory!

Available for purchase at the Creation Today Store and wherever creation DVD’s are sold.