What Is Branding and Why You Need It

What Is Branding?

Dictionary.com can provide us with an exhaustive answer to what is branding in ten definitions. But let’s wrangle this one up and cut straight to the definition needed for your unique business or field of work.

Probably the best example that we can all relate to is Ol’ Bessy. Being the epitome of branding, she may have a few stories to share herself, but we’ll focus on the current method which is tagging one ear to identify ownership and name in a field of cows. As nice as her black-patched hide looks, it usually isn’t unique enough to compete with the other cows or different enough to be identified by her customers. This is why she needs a tag to brand herself from the rest.

Branding is the same way.

Branding is the act of creating and portraying an image that represents your company or business so that your audience can identify your company or business.

Why Do You Need Branding?

Your brand is how people identify and differentiate your business from all the other companies and businesses. Dictionary.com best definition to apply is:

1.kind, grade, or make, as indicated by stamp, trademark, or the like:

the best brand of coffee.

Businesses achieve branding once they have established their unique look and feel, and appear the exact same across all their media-website, business cards, banners etc. Noticed I mention “all”. Consistency is the key to branding.

How Do You Brand?

To brand is to create a distinct image specific to your business to set you apart from the rest.

9. to label or mark with or as if with . . .

Without branding, your company blends in a field of cows – and that’s A LOT of cows. Although your company may offer the best kind of milk or beef anyone has ever tasted, it’s camouflaged into the herd of other businesses. Like wise,  if you aren’t consistent with your branding, it will be like having a circle tag on one cow and a square tag on other. As such, your audience will struggle identifying your cheese back to the source and there goes your business.

In short:
Branding is creating a consistent unique image.
You need branding to set you apart from the competition of other businesses in today’s saturated market.

What are your questions about branding?

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